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Massage - A Time Honored Tradition

The practice of massage therapy has been noted in the earliest of Greek and Asian medical records. It is said that massage originated in China, but its use for medical treatment wasn't fully used until about 200 B.C. From its early beginnings in China massage rapidly spread throughout the traveled world. During the 4th century B.C. the Greek physician, Hippocrates, "Father of Medicine" recognized the wonderful benefits of massage (and nutrition) for the treatment of many disorders. He knew that when massage was properly applied to specific bodily ailments there was a decrease in mental and physical discomforts, and an increase in patient recovery from disease and injury.

It wasn'tīt until the early 1800īs when a man in Sweden compiled various massage forms, methods, and techniques into a scientific system for the treatment of specific medical conditions. At this point, the art of massage lost most of its contact with the deep rooted spiritual world found in the early eastern approach to medicine. This new scientific system of therapy is called "Swedish massage" and is found throughout the modern world.

Massage can result in a deep sense of relaxation, which for many people is reason enough to have one. Massage elicits the body’s "relaxation response", a natural function of the nervous system that reverses the effects of unwanted stress on the body. Muscles that have been tensed for action relax, breathing slows and deepens, a racing heart and high blood pressure return toward normal. With regular massage therapy you can even improve your ability to relax on your own. This happens as the feeling of relaxation becomes familiar, helping you to recognize tension as it occurs and take measures to release it before it becomes a problem. As massage decreases your general level of tension, you may find yourself feeling pleasantly relaxed and rejuvenated. This can translate into increased energy for daily activities, more patience with lifeīs minor irritations, and a renewed enthusiasm for daily living.

Massage Therapists have extensive training that includes massage technique, anatomy and physiology, and knowledge of when and when not to massage. In addition, most massage therapists have advanced training in one or more specialized types of massage. Your massage therapist will be happy to answer any questions about his or her education, experience, certification or licensing, and areas of specialization.

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